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The Broken Musician
The Taboo of Injury and Disability in Music
Article for VAN Magazine, Berlin
May 2016


Lost in the (Neuronal) Stars: The artistic, social, and psychological consequences of non playing-related neurological dysfunction on performing musicians
Presented at the Performing Arts Medical Association Symposium, Weill-Cornell Medical Center, New York, NY
July 2016


The Pianist's Eye, Lilian Kallir's Musical Alexia
Article for VAN Magazine, Berlin
January 2016


Marsyas bound: Neurological dysfunction and its impact on pianists, from a pedagogical perspective. Rehabilitative work at the instrument with affected pianists.
Presented at World Piano Conference, Novi Sad, Serbia
June 2015


The Elephant on the Table
A pianist confesses her injuries
June 2009


Listening through the Piano
September 2008


Honest Sounds
October 2008